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Worried woman having relationship difficulties with her military husband at home.

What is a Military Protective Order?

A military protective order (MPO) is a legal tool used by military commanders in cases involving domestic violence or abuse committed by a servicemember. Similar to a civilian protective order, they are meant to prohibit an abuser from engaging in ab… Read More
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Categories: Domestic Violence
Concept of Gray Divorce -misunderstanding and communicative problem between two senior people, they are standing back to back, isolated on grey background

A Guide to Gray Divorce: Ending a Long-Term Marriage

Divorce is hard at any age, but it can often be particularly difficult later in life after a decades-long marriage. Notably, the divorce rate among couples over the age of 50 has increased significantly over the past few decades. While experts attrib… Read More
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Categories: Divorce
Divorce When you Own a Business Concept

How to Protect Your Business from Divorce

You worked hard to build your business. Now, you’re facing divorce and wonder what will happen to the assets you spent years growing. For many business owners, their company isn’t just how they generate income — it’s their passion, legacy, an… Read More
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Categories: Divorce
Divorcing a doctor concept

Special Considerations When Divorcing a Doctor

Living with a physician, dentist, surgeon, or other medical professional can be a struggle. Long working hours, unpredictable schedules, and a highly emotional work environment – especially during the pandemic – can affect a doctor’s ability to… Read More
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Categories: Divorce
What is custodial parent

What Is a Custodial Parent?

In any Texas divorce that involves minor children, a court cannot grant a final decree of divorce until the judge is satisfied that all of the provisions affecting the children are in the children’s best interest. The divorce decree must address ea… Read More
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Domestic Violence law book

How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You

Divorce in Texas is a difficult and emotional process, and it can cause disruption to every aspect of a person’s life. Domestic violence makes it even more difficult. A person experiencing domestic violence might feel trapped in a dangerous relatio… Read More
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Wife And Husband Splitting House And Car During Divorce Process

What Am I Entitled to in a Divorce in Texas?

Getting a divorce in Texas will impact nearly every aspect of your life. You will have to account for all of the property you own, and all of your debts. If you have children, there must be provisions for child support, child custody, and visitation.… Read More
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couple fighting

Common Law Marriage Myths (Yes, You Need a Divorce!)

Unmarried couples living together used to be rare, but it has been a long time since cohabitation outside of marriage raised any eyebrows in many parts of the country. Some couples live together before getting married. Others decide to live together… Read More
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Categories: Common Law Marriage
Couple's Hands With Divorce Agreement And Wedding Rings

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Marital Settlement Agreement

Divorce in Texas is a difficult and emotional process. It requires dismantling much of one’s life in the hope of building something that will work better. The difficulty of preparing for a divorce can cause people to overlook or avoid important det… Read More
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Paper family over torn heart in a house

How Do Texas Child Support Laws Work?

When a couple with a minor child or children get a divorce in Texas, the court must address issues pertaining to the children before it can grant a divorce. This includes child custody, visitation, and child support. A court can order one or both par… Read More
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Categories: Child Support