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Wife And Husband Splitting House And Car During Divorce Process

What Am I Entitled to in a Divorce in Texas?

Getting a divorce in Texas will impact nearly every aspect of your life. You will have to account for all of the property you own, and all of your debts. If you have children, there must be provisions for child support, child custody, and visitation.… Read More
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Couple's Hands With Divorce Agreement And Wedding Rings

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Marital Settlement Agreement

Divorce in Texas is a difficult and emotional process. It requires dismantling much of one’s life in the hope of building something that will work better. The difficulty of preparing for a divorce can cause people to overlook or avoid important det… Read More
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couple mad at each other

What is Adultery under Texas Law?

While Texas is a “no fault divorce” state, meaning that a court can grant a divorce without evidence of wrongdoing by either party, adultery is still a ground for divorce under state law. If you or your soon-to-be-ex spouse engaged in adultery wh… Read More
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Divorced woman holding envelope with alimony

Everything You Need to Know about Alimony in Texas

When a person files for divorce in Texas, the court must address numerous issues before it can grant the divorce and sign a final decree. All community property must be identified and divided between the soon-to be-former spouses. If the parties have… Read More
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What Happens to Coronavir…

What Happens to Coronavirus Stimulus Checks in a Texas Divorce?

The global coronavirus pandemic is causing profound disruptions throughout our society, as people try to practice “social distancing” in the hopes of slowing the spread of the virus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. Family law cases in Texas,… Read More
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Real Estate Pocket Listin…

Real Estate Pocket Listings in Texas Divorces

In a Texas divorce, a court cannot sign a final decree and close the case until it confirms that all issues related to the divorce have been addressed. If the parties have minor children, this means that either they must have reached a settlement agr… Read More
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Surveillance of Your Spou…

Surveillance of Your Spouse in a Texas Divorce

Communications, audio, and video technologies are growing at ever-faster rates. Many people now carry devices in their pockets that enable them to record video and audio, and also to communicate by voice, text, email, and social media. In a Texas div… Read More
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The Texas Divorce Process…

The Texas Divorce Process: An Overview

The Texas Family Code governs divorce proceedings in this state, starting with a petition filed in district court in the county where at least one spouse resides. That court can hear any divorce-related issue that falls under its jurisdiction. A Texa… Read More
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Qualified Domestic Relati…

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) in Texas Divorces

The parties to a Texas divorce case must identify all of the community and separate property that they own. A final decree of divorce must include a plan for dividing the community property between the parties. The parties can agree on how to do this… Read More
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