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Firm Overview

Law Firm in Houston, Texas

Stacey Valdez & Associates was founded on the belief that each client deserves the best representation possible. Attorney Stacey Holley Valdez believes that delivering excellent client services and aggressive advocacy will help you solve your problems.

Ms. Valdez is thorough and detail-oriented, and your case is of prime concern. We know that this is the most important moment you are facing in your life, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that the burden is lifted from your shoulders. We will fight for you, and our record of success at trial and in negotiations show that you can trust us to do right by you.

When you meet with Ms. Valdez, you will find she is interested in solving your problems. We have a team approach, which means that everyone in our practice will have an understanding of your situation and work toward crafting an efficacious resolution. We want you to be satisfied and we will do our very best to make sure you are.

Our Reputation Hinges on You

Ms. Valdez works hard to achieve promising results, whether it's in a divorce or civil litigation or representing you in a criminal matter. We do our best, all the time, every time, because not only do we want the best outcome for you, but we understand that with every case we handle, our reputation is at stake. An attorney's reputation is all he or she has; we know that in order to continue to build our reputation as a firm that is compassionate, aggressive and hardworking, we want our clients to be happy. We will do everything we can to make sure your problems are resolved to your satisfaction.

Committed, Creative and Prepared

Ms. Valdez is committed to her clients. She will work through every avenue to make sure that your problem is solved. We will work through alternative dispute resolutions, work with mediators and negotiate settlements in order to satisfy you. If we can't reconcile the situation through those methods, we will gladly go to court and push to make sure your day in court is handled as aggressively and satisfactorily as possible.

Our attorneys handle civil claims, divorce and custody issues, and criminal matters. Stacey Holley Valdez is one of only 1% of all Family Law attorneys in the entire state of Texas who is Board Certified in that practice area. Ms. Valdez's commitment to her clients and her pursuit of perfection are showcased by her thorough and meticulous handling of an area of law that can easily become frustrating and confusing.

Houston Law Firm

Our firm has a reputation in the Houston – Clear Lake – Galveston area for fighting for our clients and putting our client's needs at the forefront. Whether your case is a criminal matter, a civil matter or a family law issue, our attorneys put their all into making sure your case is resolved in a positive way and that you are completely satisfied with our representation.