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Houston Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

If you and your spouse are in agreement on all the terms of your divorce, an uncontested divorce may be your best option, saving time and money. If you and your spouse do not have minor children together and meet certain other requirements, you may qualify for a process known as simplified divorce or uncontested expedited divorce:

Uncontested divorce is quicker and more economical than a contested divorce simply because there is no fighting, and fewer court appearances. That doesn't mean that you should go without legal representation, however. Having a qualified divorce attorney ensures that your divorce decree will include everything you need it to, and that the procedural requirements of an uncontested divorce are met.

Attorney Stacey Holley Valdez is a Board Certified Family Law Attorney who concentrates her practice in family law. She will make sure that your uncontested divorce is handled properly, while conserving your resources.

Experienced Guidance for Your Texas Uncontested Divorce

Some divorces are more complicated than others, but at Stacey Valdez & Associates, we believe that all divorces deserve to be handled with respect and attention to detail. We can assist you with every step of the uncontested divorce process, including:

  • Preparation of documents, including Petition for Divorce, Waiver of Service, Civil Case Information Sheet, Bureau of Vital Statistics Form, Certificate of Last Known Address, Affidavit of Military Status,
  • Preparation of Final Decree of Divorce
  • Appearance at divorce hearing

Even in the most straightforward of cases, the Texas divorce process can be intimidating if you've never been through it. While court clerks, judges and other court personnel want to assist you, they are not permitted to give you legal advice. It's always advisable to have an experienced Texas family law attorney in your corner.

Quality Legal Representation by Texas Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is never easy, but Stacey Valdez & Associates will help reduce your stress level and give you the confidence that your uncontested divorce case is being handled thoroughly and efficiently. The uncontested divorce law team take the time to understand your needs, goals, and the specifics of your case. Our focus is always on helping you to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you need an experienced Houston divorce attorney who can make sure your interests are protected, Stacey Valdez & Associates is available to walk you through the uncontested divorce process. We invite you to contact us today so that we can help you get started on the next step in your life.